One Glance At Michael Flynn’s Twitter Feed Tells You We Are All DOOMED!

Retired lieutenant-general Michael Flynn has been chosen by our unstable President-elect to serve as National Security Advisor, one of the most important jobs in any administration. Since the position doesn’t require Senate confirmation, we will never have a chance to ask Flynn about his ties to Russia, why he was removed as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, or why so many of his former colleagues in the military think he has lost his freaking mind in the past couple of years.

So how can we properly gauge this somewhat unknown quantity who will have the ear of President Trump and advise him on matters of whether to use military force? One way is to take a look at what Flynn posts on social media. For example, what has he said on Twitter? Well, let’s take a look. And as we do, we might as well all kiss our asses goodbye because if this loose cannon has his way, we’ll be in a nuclear war within the first month of the Trump Administration:

Did Flynn’s grandchildren send out that tweet? Here’s another that makes even less sense:

Wait! Then we get to the truly bizarre:

And it turns out that General Flynn is a fan of conspiracy theories, too, just like his new boss, the Donald:

Oh, and while he’s at it, a white guy wants you to know he totally understands black Americans:

Flynn is also a big fan of fake news, which is no surprise since everything about Trump is a con:

And who could forget every right-wing asshat’s favorite weapon, fear:

So now we have this lamebrained sack of excrement as the main policy advisor on all matters of war or peace? Yeah, we’re so screwed it ain’t even funny.

h/t Mediaite

Featured Image Via NBC Screengrab